Top 10 Best Piano Brands

Are you curious to know about the best Piano brands? We will talk here about the best brands of pianos. The piano is one of the musical instruments through which we can express our feelings. The piano plays an essential role in every music tradition, culture, and music genre. There are many popular brands of pianos are available in the market. Today we will find out the 10 best piano brands.

List Of 10 Best Piano Brands

I have compiled a list of the best piano brands all over the world and here we will go through the list.

  1. Shigeru Kawai.
  2. Grotrian
  3. Bosendorfer
  4. Fazioli
  5. Steinway & Sons
  6. Yamaha
  7. Steingraeber & Sohne
  8. Bluthner
  9. Casio
  10.  Bechstein

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Top 10 Best Piano Brands

I will explore here the 10 best piano brands. We will discuss here the 10 best brands of piano briefly.

  1. Shigeru Kawai

Shigeru Kawai

Shigeru Kawai is a Japanese piano brand that offers an affordable, durable, well-designed instrument with unique features and longer keys. Their digital piano was first made with wooden keyboards to provide an acoustic piano experience. Kawai is among the best piano brands for beginners that are affordable and durable.

  1. Grotrian


Grotrian was established in 1835 and runs presently by the 6th generation. This brand makes excellent upright old piano brands with its patented star design at the back an iron frame structured like a star that allows the vibrations inside the piano’s wood body for producing the most beautiful tone. If you want to enjoy playing piano duets then you must buy this piano.

  1. Bosendorfer


Bosendorfer was founded in 1828, in Austria that is made extremely professional and the world’s best pianos brands of all time. The Bosendorfer initially produced exclusive luxury pianos and has a devotion to accomplishing glamour and the fullness of sound. They make very few pianos annually that are crafted by hand and made with extreme persistence and care. Bosendorfer is among the best grand piano brands which you can afford to buy.

  1. Fazioli


Fazioli was founded in 1981, in Italy, and it is one of the best piano brands in the world. The Fazioli grand piano has a unique design and the F308 is the longest piano available today. It also includes various features such as a fourth pedal.

  1. Steinway & Sons 

Steinway & Sons

Steinway & Sons were founded by a German immigrant in New York, and it is among the best piano brands in the USA. Many famous pianists prefer Lang Lang, Mitsuko Uchida, and Martha Argerich. Steinway offers the best grand piano brands of different sizes according to the size of the concert hall. They made two lines of pianos for people with a low budget that are Essex and Boston. Steinway & Sons Pictures at an Exhibition is one of the most expensive piano brands.

  1. Yamaha


Yamaha is a Japanese brand that is identified worldwide for excellent, versatile, sturdy, high-quality pianos and offers good digital options and bright sound. This brand provides a special feature through which you can hear the acoustic piano sound through headphones. They provide affordable high-quality products, and they also offer the best piano brands upright. Yamaha P-45 is one of the top-selling best digital piano brands.

  1. Steingraeber & Sohne

Steingraeber & Sohne

Steingraeber & Sohne was established in 1852, and it is at the top of the iconic piano makers category with its unique approach to piano building. They used the best materials and utilized the best craftsmen for making the best upright piano brands.

  1. Bluthner


Bluthner was established in 1853 by the Bluthner family which is still a family business today.  They are remarked for their dark, warm, lyrical sound, which is mostly achieved using aliquot stringing. Bluthner Lucid iDyllic Upright is among the best upright piano brands.

  1. Casio


Casio is an electronic keyboard maker brand comes from Japan and it is famous for producing lightweight and compact and portable keyboards. It also offers more advanced arranger keyboards and space-saving, hidden console pianos. Casio keyboards are the best piano brands for beginners, those with interests in rock, pop, or metal, and pianists who enjoy trying unique sounds. Casio PX-770 is one of the best keyboard piano brands.

  1. Bechstein


Bechstein was founded in 1853 that is a popular piano maker in Europe that offers quality sounds, and durable high-quality products. These pianos are famous for their remarkable craftsmanship apart from their sound effectiveness.



From this article, we got the idea that it is difficult to pick one brand from the best piano brands available in the market.  Also, we saw that all the top piano brands offer the same high levels of craftsmanship and quality which we expect. If you want to buy one, then pick one from the best piano brands which meet your requirement and better fit your budget. 

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