Crack the Code: Strategies for Finding the Best Grocery Promo Deals

With online coupons, mobile apps, and smart-spending tools, shoppers can save on groceries without clipping paper. Just be prepared to spend some time and energy tracking and redeeming discounts.

Savvy shoppers still insist they can save the most by using coupons and sales at drug stores, dollar stores, and discount stores — but the data says otherwise.

Target’s Weekly Ads

The Target weekly ad (a flyer or circular) features discounts and special product offers. The weekly ad is a treasure trove of savings opportunities for any budget-minded shopper, from groceries and household items to clothing, electronics, and home goods.

The best place to find deals is online, where you can view the entire ad or browse individual sections of the advertisement for your favorite products. You can also sign up for a weekly email highlighting the top deals. 

Combining sales and coupons is another great way to score the best grocery promo deals. For example, a buy one, get one free deal on your favorite cereal can save you big money. You can also use rebate apps to earn extra cash on your purchases.

In addition to weekly sales ads, some offer a wide range of coupons and special offers available online and in stores. For example, you can save 5% on your entire purchase using your card. Also, you can order most non-perishable items online and choose a store for pickup or same-day delivery. This is a great way to save time and avoid crowds.

Online Coupons

Online coupons are a great way to find discounts on groceries without spending much time. Some sites offer free apps that automatically scan your shopping cart to find available discounts, and others let you submit your coupons to share with other shoppers.

Some grocery stores will double the value of your coupons, so a 50-cent coupon could save you $1. The website lists grocery chains that offer double coupons in all states, although you’ll need to read the fine print carefully. It’s also important to know that some stores will not allow you to use multiple coupons for the same item. If this is the case, you must separate your purchases into different transactions.

Another strategy to consider is being sale-loyal rather than brand-loyal. Often, the best deals come when your favorite brands are already on sale, and you can pair them with a manufacturer’s coupon for next-to-nothing prices.

Sign up for the newsletters of your favorite grocery stores to get coupons right in your inbox. You can also subscribe to a website, which allows you to browse and search for discount codes by store and category. Some websites also allow you to customize how much information retailers can collect about your purchasing habits. This can help you avoid being bombarded with offers and limit the personal data a site may share with third parties.

In-Store Deals

With online grocery delivery services like Walmart, it is essential to remember money-saving tips for finding grocery promo deals. These strategies don’t require clipping coupons but focus on using the right credit cards and maximizing your points and cash-back earnings.

Some stores double coupons. This can help you save on discounted items like buy-one-get-one meat specials. 

You can also negotiate prices, especially on foods close to their expiration date. According to experts, this trick can sometimes drop a hundred-dollar grocery haul to $20 or free.

Another way to score significant savings on groceries is by buying ingredients rather than finished products. This strategy can be incredibly lucrative for frozen and canned goods, where it is often cheaper to purchase the store-brand version than the name-brand option.

If you want to skip the hassle of keeping a coupon organizer, download an app that scours weekly ads from your nearby grocers and matches them with available offers. It also lets you save store loyalty cards for easy access during checkout. Another app offers cash-back rebates on various items, including staples like bread and eggs.

Holiday Sales

Using apps and online tools like coupon organizers and grocery price comparison websites will help you keep sticker shock to a minimum at the checkout counter. But there are also ways to save money at the grocery store without clipping coupons. Apps offer cash-back deals that you can activate at checkout online or through the mobile app. These deals are beneficial if you buy groceries from stores that don’t accept paper coupons.

Other grocery apps and services let you search for sales from multiple nearby retailers. For example, some allow you to browse weekly digital flyers from your local grocers and other retailers in your area. You can also enter your shopping list in the app, and it will match what you need with available local deals.

Some stores run special discounts after holidays, too. For instance, at stores, you may find deals on toys, home goods, and other seasonal merchandise after Christmas. The day after Thanksgiving is another time to stock up on staple items because many stores mark them down significantly.

Some discount stores have “double coupon” days where you can get double the value of any coupon. This can be a great way to stock up on healthy foods and other products with lower sodium, sugar, or fat content.