Hidden Cox Fees For Cable And Internet


Cox Communications has been one of the finest broadband networks in the US, having millions of people as their family. Cox has been the user’s most favorite in terms of providing the exact service they ask for. I can say this with surety that Cox has one of the best internets in town. Cox Internet has facilitated the users by giving them the maximum speed of what they promise or what they advertise. Cox has always been a straightforward broadband as they believe in transparent pricing but there are some fees that are hidden and not included in the package. Before we jump straight into the hidden costs, how about we discuss the internet plans offered by Cox?

Cox Internet and Plans

There is always a reason for users to like any network and as I mentioned above that Cox is the user’s favorite broadband. The reason is always what best you can offer to your consumers, in this case Cox being favorite because of the variety of packages they offer to the users. It totally depends on an individual what plan and packages would suit them more according to the needs of their house. Without wasting your time, let’s discuss the plans.


Services offered by Cox


Go Fast

Go fast which is also known as their basic tier allows you to stay updates through your social media because the plan comes with 100mbps download speed.

it starts with $49.99 per month

Go Faster

The second package offers the users to watch multiple videos or watch movie. You can get up to 250mbps download speed, so you don’t need to worry about anything.

Starting with $69.99

Even Faster

This plan is a deal breaker for those who love gaming, all you would need is ‘Even Faster’ because this comes with 500mbps download speed.

starting with $89.99 p/m.

Super Fast

The tier would definitely excite you if you are a pro gamer but couldn’t find a reliable connection, well now you can. The plan comes with a 1gbps flashy download speed.

As low as $109.99

Beyond Fast

This package is currently not available in every state, but the package would be the best choice for a consumer who want the most premium service by broadband as it allows users to have up to 2gbps download speed.

Check for availability.

After analyzing Cox Internet plans in detail, how about I show you some of the hidden charges that Cox can charge you. (Prices may vary)

Hidden Charges

Just like the other big broadband networks, Cox has also the same policy of increasing their monthly fee after 12 months. Just in case if you are getting a slightly higher bill than you expected, you must check what you are being charged for. You might get charge if you pay your bill after the due date and maybe if you overuse the package. Price hike is one common thing every user has to go through and you even get a price hike of more than 30$ per month depending upon the package.



Late fee


Overage charge


Professional technician fee


Returned / Bounced check

Up to $50

Canceled appointment fee


Panoramic Wi-Fi gateway


Card denied fee/penalty

Up to $25

Reconnection surcharge


4K Contour Stream

$5 p/m

Cox Care

$10 per month

Collection charge


Reconnection charges

Up to $50

The charge that you go through just now are not done yet, Cox offers their one of the most premium service after internet and that is Cox TV, and there are some hidden charges that one should be well aware of. Talking about TV, why not look at the package they offer to the consumers.

Cox TV – Plans

Being the 3rd largest broadband network in the US, Cox has never compromised on the quality of speed they offer to the user.

  • TV – Starter

The Starter pack currently offers more than 75 local and premium channels. Users who prefer less is good, would be more than happy with pack and most important, the price. It starts with $56 per month.

  • TV – Preferred

Users can easily get access to more than 140 local and premium channels. You can enjoy your favorite shows because all in one tap. Starts with $99 per month only.

  • TV- Preferred Plus

The TV- Preferred Plus allows users to have access to more than 170 local and premium channels. Consumers who love more to explore can have fun in this plan because this package offers a very wide variety of channels and with as low as $146.

  • TV – Ultimate

In this premium tier, viewers can get an access to more than 250 local and premium channels. The package is for the users who love watching variety of content and this package is for you to have ultimate fun and explore with Cox.

Hidden Charge for Cox TV

Cox Communications charge you some extra charges that user should know, some of them are



Cox TV Activation


Installation from Cox


Cancelation of appointment penalty


Returned or bounced check


Debit Card Denial Penalty


Broadcast Surcharge




Late Payment


Sports Pack


Movie Packs

$12 p/m

Bonus Pack

$6 p/m


$9 p/m


$11 p/m


$12 p/m

Variety Pack

$12 p/m

Contour Box

$8.5 p/m (Promotional)


When ever we talk about some reliable broadband network, there are no doubts that Cox Communications has been leading from the front as always because of the 24/7 customer support system they have. But as a user, you have all the rights to know the hidden charges that you are being charged. One should have the idea of how extra charges are added to the bill. Still, Cox is reliable. You make your move but wisely.