Mistakes You Should Avoid When Preparing for GRE Exam

Graduate Record Examination or GRE is a standardized test that candidates take to get admissions into graduate programs in the United States and diverse other English-speaking countries. If you want to get admission in your preferred program, then you have to score well on this test. Often professional talks about the books for gre preparation and the tips you should know for preparing. But this post is different and shares several mistakes you should avoid to score well.

Postponing your studies 

If you are in a habit of delaying your GRE preparation, then it can prove to be an unnecessary stress and insufficient time for effective study. You cannot afford to simply procrastinate if you want to prepare in a proper, effective and strategic manner. If you are delaying it, it can add up stress to your mind.

Skipping your weak areas 

If you are working on your prep and realize that you have weaker zones, concepts, topics or subjects; don’t simply abandon them. You cannot merely skip anything because it can ruin your test. Instead make sure that you work harder on your weaker area and ensure that you don’t lose points there in the test. Generally, candidates think that they can work only on their vital areas, and that will get them great scores. But they fail to realize that the test is divided into different segments, and if you are not hitting the balance, it could become challenging.

Neglecting Official GRE Materials

If you think that you can simply rely on the third party material for your prepare and that is all you need, then you are wrong. Entirely depending on third party materials may not provide you with an accurate representation of the entire actual test. Make sure that you are referring to the official material of the GRE. 

Don’t know the test layout. 

If you are unfamiliar with the GRE test, then you are making a mistake. Such a lack of information will make your prep weak and confusing. Having clarity about the test and its pattern can give you confidence to prepare accordingly and perform well. You should know about the test format, the question types and even the time limitations to ensure you consequently work on yourself.

Dodging Test-Taking Strategies

Come on, strategies can help you prepare and perform in the most productive manner. Practical strategies, like educated guessing, process of elimination, and time management, can help you significantly and ensure that you improve your performance. Make sure that you don’t miss out on these tactics.

Skipping Practice Tests

Well, you cannot afford to skip practice tests as it deprives you of the chance to measure your overall progress; make sure you recognise your weak areas and get adequately accustomed to the test’s timing. Remember, practice tests only make you better at your exam performance.

Not taking coaching 

If you feel that you are not able to study well yourself, or you lack the discipline to prepare for this prestigious test at home, then you must enrol yourself in coaching or class for gre. Remember, once you have joined a class, you will have a proper strict schedule, and hence, you can prepare most effectively and productively. the professionals in eh class will keep a close check on your progress, and they will hone your knowledge by taking repeated tests to ensure you are all set on the test.

Abandoning Vocabulary Building

You should understand that vocabulary is pretty critical for you to get good scores. 

It is mainly for the Verbal section. You must dedicate your time to learning and even practising GRE-specific vocabulary words. This way, when you have learned so many words, you can confidently sit in your test and solve the questions related to terms and all.

Rushing Through Your Practice Questions

Speed is critical, but you know what? Accuracy is equally critical. Make sure that you concentrate on understanding the entire concepts and techniques before you aim for speed. You have to be careful about the overall speed and the accuracy to ensure you perform well. Don’t miss out on answering correctly because of speed. And similarly, don’t get too engrossed in the question that you fail to do it in time.

Not asking for Help

If you don’t take assistance or guidance on challenging concepts, it can simply lead to misunderstandings and even hinder your overall progress. Make sure that you ask your teachers or simply your friends. If you are going to a gre class, there can be nothing better than speaking about it with your tutor there. After all, they are there to clear your gre doubts and ensure clarity.

Ignoring Analytical Writing Practice

You know what, the Analytical Writing section most of the time gets overlooked, but you know it is a critical component of the GRE. Make sure that you practice outlining and even writing your essays inside the time limit. Come on, you can even get the best books to prepare for gre and ensure that you get assistance regarding your analytic writing area.

Failing to Adapt to Study Techniques

In case a particular method is not working for you, make sure that you are open to trying different study techniques. Make sure that you experiment with flashcards, even study groups, or diverse textbooks.

Dodging your Physical and Mental Well-being

If you are just studying day and night, that is not good for you. You cannot neglect your mental well-being. You have to be sure that you create some time for your proper sleep of a minimum of 6 hours and do some sort of exercise every day. You have no idea how your health is critical for you to perform better. If you skip meals or not eating correctly during your prep, you may fail to focus well on the concepts. So, you must focus on your sleep, proper eating habits and exercise.


To sum up, since you have just read all these mistakes, promise yourself not to make any of them. After all, you aim to get good scores on the GRE, and that is possible in the absence of these blunders. Indeed, if you lack professional guidance, then you can rely on experts like Jamboree India and experience timely guidance and proper assistance for your prep.