Top 7 Orange Juice Brands

Are you curious to know about the delicious orange juice brands? Orange juice is nutritious and provides your daily requirement of vitamin C. But making juice of oranges is messy and time-consuming, so people prefer to buy readymade orange juice brands. I will explore here the healthiest orange juice brands which are popular. Orange juice brands are mainly classified into Pasteurised, Organic, Mexican, and Florida. I have prepared the list of 7 orange juice brands below.

List Of 7 Orange Juice Brands

I will introduce here you to the best orange juice brands. It will help you to choose the best from the below best orange juice brands.

  1. Tropicana
  2. Jumex
  3. Florida
  4. Uncle Matt’s
  5. Trader Joe’s
  6. Minute Maid
  7. Simply Orange

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Top 7 Orange Juice Brands

Let me explain to you the healthy, delicious, and most popular orange juice brands that you can purchase from the grocery store.

  1. Tropicana


Tropicana is a brand of Pepsico which was founded in 1947. It is now a part of PepsiCo and they make various delicious drinks including lemonade and other juices also. Tropicana is one of the orange juice brands without added sugar no added sugar. It is enriched with additional calcium and vitamin D, so orange juice brand Tropicana is one of the healthier choices on the market.

  1. Jumex


 Jumex is one of the Mexican orange juice brands that was founded in 1961. This brand is present in Mexico as well as in the United States. This brand is popular and one of the healthy orange juice brands. The percentage of real fruit juice depends on the flavor you select. This brand also adds a few unhealthy ingredients to its products.

  1. Florida’s Natural

Florida’s Natural

Florida’s Natural is a high-quality orange juice made by farmers in 1933.  Florida orange juice brands were launched in 1987. It is 100% pure and they provide a large variety of orange juices such as some pulp, most pulp, no pulp, and some with additional calcium and orange juice brands with vitamin D.

  1. Uncle Matt’s

Uncle Matt’s

Uncle Matt’s was started by Matt McLean, in 1999. While this brand hasn’t been around for too long, in that they only use fruit that is grown 100% organically therefore their juice is superior. The juice prepared at Uncle Matt’s is pesticides free and they don’t use synthetic fertilizers. This brand offers orange juice that has probiotics and turmeric in it. This orange juice tastes very good even if turmeric is added. You should try this pleasantly surprised juice.

  1. Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s is an organic juice that one sip is like a“nice zing,” while others thought it was very sweet. The juice creates an interesting coating in our mouths after drinking. It is a fresh Squeezed and unpasteurized orange juice brand.

  1. Minute Maid

Minute Maid

Minute Maid was founded in 1945. It is among the most popular orange juice brands. Minute Maid is a part of The Coca-Cola Company that creates hundreds of flavors of juice, lemonades, and other soft drinks. It is made from concentrate. Bright & Early falls under Hi-C which is made by the Minute Maid. It is one of the orange juice brands to avoid because there’s a nice-looking orange to distract consumers but “no juice” is printed right on the front. Although this is cheap there also you should spend a few extra dollars to buy from a brand that uses at least some real juice.

  1. Simply Orange

Simply Orange
Simply Orange

Simply Orange is among the pasteurized orange juice brands. They have created some of the highest quality juices and lemonades available in the market since 2001. As the name suggests, Simply Beverages only uses simple ingredients to make its products. Simply Orange is a pulp-free and sugarless 100 %orange juice brand.

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What Is The Most Popular Orange Juice Brand?

Tropicana Pure Premium

In the 52 weeks ended on May 16, 2021, Tropicana Pure Premium was the leading refrigerated orange juice brand in the United States, based on sales of over 1.07 billion U.S. dollars. Other brands leading the rankings included Simply Orange and Florida’s Natural.

Which Brand Is The Healthiest Orange Juice?

  • Best Overall. Tropicana. Calcium & Vitamin D Orange Juice, No Pulp. Check Price.
  • No Additives. 365 Everyday Value. Florida Orange Juice. Check Price.
  • Never Frozen or Concentrated. Simply Orange. 100% Orange Juice Pulp Free. Check Price.
  • Best for Families. 365 Everyday Value. Organic Orange Juice. Check Price.

What Orange Juice Does Mcdonald’s Use?

Yep. McDonald’s serves Minute Maid® Premium Orange Juice which is pasteurized for safety and quality reasons.

Which Brand Of Orange Juice Has The Least Sugar?

Trop50® No Pulp is made with the Tropicana orange juice you love, but with 50% less sugar and calories. Made with real oranges and no artificial sweeteners, each 8 oz glass is an excellent source of vitamin C and a good source of potassium. Trop50® is a juice beverage with vitamins.

Are Tropicana Juices Healthy?

Just one serving of Tropicana Pure Premium Original No Pulp is an excellent source of vitamin C – but what exactly does it do? Most notably, vitamin C is an antioxidant that may help support a healthy immune system. Start your day with a glass of Tropicana Pure Premium which contains 100% daily value (DV) of Vitamin C.

What Is The Most Popular Juice Brand In UK?

The most popular brand of juice in the UK is Tropicana.

Can You Drink Orange Juice Everyday?

Though nutritionally similar to whole oranges, orange juice provides very little fiber but twice the calories and sugar. It may be an easy way to reach your recommended fruit intake but can cause blood sugar spikes and even weight gain. It’s best to limit yourself to no more than 8 ounces (240 ml) per day.

What Are The Top Juices In The US?

The top three US flavors are Apple, Lemon, and Orange.


There are 100 orange juice brands are available in the market. Out of that, we find out the 7 best brands of orange juice that are popular. We learned that some orange juice brand is enriched with calcium and vitamin D. In this article, I explained the healthy, delicious, and most popular 7 orange juice brands which you can buy.

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