Top 14 Popular Backpack Brands

You should have a look at the popular backpack brands if you are going to purchase a backpack. I will describe to you the special features that famous backpack brands provide to you. You will learn about the types of backpacks and their purpose after reading the important points. I will explain to you some types of materials, technology, and many other interesting data about the best backpack brands. So let’s begin to read further about the famous and selective popular backpack brands.

List Of 14 Popular Backpack Brands

Here is a list of popular backpack brands where you can read their names quickly.

  1. Patagonia
  2. Herschel
  3. Osprey
  4. Maverick
  5. Everest
  6. Deuter
  7. Away
  8. Rains
  9. Nordace
  10. GORUCK
  11. JanSport
  12. Incase
  13. Yeti
  14. L.L.Bean
  15. Tumi

Top 14 Popular Backpack Brands

After reading the names of popular backpack brands you must be eager to know why you should look for these brands. Don’t worry I will explain to you the important things that will help you to understand the backpack brands easily.

  1. Patagonia


Starting with Patagonia is one of the most popular sustainable backpack brands that have a wide variety of bags. Especially you will like the dedicated compartments of these top backpack brands in world different nations by Patagonia brand. The other feature of this backpack brand is the use of selective premium materials. You will also love the handles and the compact designs of this backpack brand.

  1. Herschel


On the second number, I have kept one of the classic favorite popular mini backpack brands of all the Herschel. You will like the space and area inside the backpacks which is good for keeping the optimum things. The Herschel brand uses one of the special materials called vegan leather which is its trademark in most of its backpacks. You will love the smooth design and vintage look of Herschel bags.

  1. Osprey


In the search of what are popular backpack brands for hiking or camping Osprey is the popular brand you should look for. A plus point in this bag brand is the free-size bag products, where you can add more gear, shoes, clothes, etc easily. This brand is a good choice for anyone who wants to travel freely in outdoors.

  1. Maverick


Maverick is a backpack brand known for its super lightweight backpacks. These popular backpack brands for high school are made using premium quality nylon and vegan leather to make water-resistant and scratch-resistant bags. You can purchase one of the Maverick backpacks as your next laptop bag for sure. These branded bags can be used in professional as well as casual work.

  1. Everest


Everest is of the backpack popular brands established specially for producing regularly used backpacks. You will find a wide variety of colors and designs of Everest backpacks. For a student or employee to carry important accessories this basic backpack is a very useful bag. In some of its limited edition bags, you get good warranty conditions which makes it more economical.

  1. Deuter


An outdoor hiking backpack brand for women can be found rarely but Deuter has many options available for women. This brand has kept focusing on every aspect of outdoor backpack style. You will like the padded hip belts for extra comfort. The maximum volume of bag to carry extra essential things in hiking. Another thing you will like is the repair services warranty. A great step of this brand is the use of safe and premium materials to make bags.

  1. Away


You can enjoy taking away the bags from the Away most popular backpack brands for your next trip. This brand has many types of backpacks in different sizes. You will personally love the convertible backpacks which are made from recycled goods and materials making them more worthy to help the environment. The brand makes bags that keep objects safe from scratches and water.

  1. Rains


To keep your things and books dry while traveling through rainy weather the Rains brand is from the popular backpack brands for school kids. It has different bags which are mostly waterproof and with unisex designs. This backpack brand bags are completely covered with roll tops, flat tops, and carabiner runners to resist water. The material used in side this brand backpack is PU fabric.

  1. Nordace


If you are a tech person looking for what are the most popular backpack brands for next-generation bags then look for the Nordace backpack brand once. You will find how this brand has improved the trend in backpack compartments. Many Nordace bags provide protective covers, an in-built USB port, and so on. You can easily store your laptop and other electronic gadgets in Nordace backpacks safely.



On the tenth number in our list of popular backpack brands is GORUCK. Just like its name GORUCK bags stand still in all weather conditions strongly. It is a backpack brand created by CIA and Special Forces couple officers. From their personal experience, they have made GORUCK sturdy bags especially to use in lifting heavy weights easily. The water-resistant feature of the bags makes it one of the outstanding popular bag brands.

  1. JanSport


Within every school and college JanSport is among the best backpack brand’s for college that students love. JanSport has a different flexible and lightweight range of backpacks for kids with various features like a water bottle net pocket, safe zipper, runners, etc. Your kid will love this brand backpack if you gift it to them on their upcoming birthday. There is a place for keeping 15 inches big laptop, and a spacious area to keep books and some small accessories compartments.

  1. Incase


To store your expensive laptops and tablet devices properly you should purchase backpacks from the Incase brand. It started to manufacture bags in the late 90s and became famous for organizing popular backpack brands 90s for Apple brand products. The Incase bags are made out of popular Ecoya fabric which emits less carbon and reduces pollution. It manufactures durable bags with the most modern aesthetics and design making it one of the famous backpack brands.

  1. Yeti


Backpacks of the Yeti brand are amazing products to carry on your shoulder for any weather. The most appreciated feature of the Yeti popular backpack brands college students and young adults use is its waterproof and durable features. The backpacks are made of nylon material and coated with polyester which stops water to get inside the bag. Your bag will also resist dust and dirt which you can simply wipe and clean after a dusty road trip.

  1. L.L.Bean


L.L.Bean is a famous backpack brand known for its products like backpacks, side bags, shoes, and so on. You will love the materials used by this brand so much as they have good long-lasting and durability. Inside many L.L.Bean bags you will find interior mesh pockets and compartments that will help you to separate dirty and clean clothes easily. The special feature of this brand bag is the side waist belts for easy carrying.

  1. Tumi


You will love the Tumi popular backpack brandsfor school which manufactures bags with quality materials. The Tumi bags are having interesting designs, good sustainability, and creative colors. You will get enough space to keep your things organized inside the bag. There are many interior and exterior compartments to ease the use for more comfort.

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The things about the popular backpack brands that you read helped you to know them generally. I told you what types of materials are used to manufacture backpacks of different brands. You came to know different waterproof and scratch-resistant backpack brands. I explained to you the brands famous for hiking backpacks, professional backpacks, college backpacks, and so on. So now you have an overall idea about the popular backpack brands and can purchase one of them for your next trip.

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