Top Hiking Gear for Travelling Enthusiasts

Travelling is a hobby or sport, depending on how you look at it, that demands a certain level of physical fitness from whoever chooses to do it. A high-risk, high-reward activity if done properly engages your entire body and tones it in record time.

Travel sports aren’t for everyone. They’re certainly not for the weak-willed because they will challenge people in gruesome ways. This could involve climbing, running, maintaining balance, and completing the activity before sundown.

Even though hiking is considered a physical sport, the technique required to engage in it can be taught online via tutoring. We’re sure you wouldn’t want to climb up a rock wall or brave a tropical forest before knowing what you’ll encounter on the way and what would be the safest, quickest way to do so. To engage in online tutoring, all one needs to do is connect themselves to a viable internet connection that helps one garner all the info required to get started.

Plus, having internet connectivity at the ready when you hike is of utmost importance in case of emergencies. WOW Internet is generally available frequently in hiking spots so be sure to have the telecommunications provider at the ready when you decide to brave the wild.

Now, without further ado, let’s check out some amazing hiking gear that’ll take care of your sport’s needs:


Footwear is one of the prerequisites to having a good hike adventure. Boots that offer grip along with superior traction are what you’re looking for. We have a few recommendations lined up so check them out below:

  • Topo Athletic Terraventure 3

Terraventure is no stranger to the realm of difficult tracks and enjoyable ventures into the wilds. It’s one of the best hiking shoes out there solely due to the build quality, specially engineered to endure bumps and scrapes picked up along the way. Other than that, the grip on these is impressive and won’t let you down during intense inclinations. The bottom part of the shoe is well-vented, allowing users to keep their feet dry with lots of air ventilation.

  • HOKA Stinson ATR 6

If you’re looking for a less rugged and more comfy hiking shoe, the HOKA is a brilliant alternative to the Terraventure 3. People looking to track long distances without feeling discomfort in the soles of their feet will find the HOKA a brilliant hiking shoe.


Lugging a lot of stuff with you is often necessary. Hiking can sometimes be a multiple-day process and in this case, having a trusty backpack that can haul all the important stuff and then some is crucial. We did our research so you don’t have to do yours:

  • Osprey Stratos and Sirrus

If there’s one thing Osprey does right, it’s making reliable backpacks. The ingenuity that the company puts into its products shines extremely well when considering the build of both Stratos, for men, and Sirrus, for women. There’s not much of a significant difference between both except for the fact that the Stratos are a bit bulkier. Storage capacity is brilliant; there’s enough space to store perishables and valuables for 3-day hikes. Pockets are abundant and the included padding helps your back stay strain-free for the most of the journey.

  • Osprey Talon & Tempest 6

Another stunning entry into the hiking space by Osprey is their lineup of the Talon & Tempest waist packs. These packs aren’t your average fanny packs. They’re built for endurance as well as storage. Not everyone wants to lug a camping backpack for day trips and in that case, the Talon or Tempest are worthy options to consider. There’s enough space in them to store a headlamp, GoPro, and two small water bottles. Along with your phone or any other mobile device.


Navigating through a perilous trail is super important. You don’t want to get lost in the middle of the journey and have nothing to help you find your way back to the trail. Sure, having a handy, physical map is going to be a sure shot navigation help but we live in the digital age, and there’s a bunch of other stuff you can use instead that’ll be faster. A big part of this is watches and we’ve put together some of the best:

  • Garmin Epix

The most affordable option out of the bunch and one that will still get the basic job done. Garmin specializes in sports gear and their watches highlight this.

  • Apple Watch Ultra

Built to withstand the toughest of weathers & conditions. The Apple Watch Ultra is Apple’s (premium) entry into the extreme sports division. It can be used for hiking too if you’re prepared to pay the price for the device.


That’s a wrap on our picks for the top hiking gear you’ll ever need to make your trips worthwhile. Remember, it’s always a good option to be well-prepared for activities that will be extremely demanding of your body. Hiking is one of them. Don’t take it lightly, make sure your gear is trusty and keeps on trudging, same as you.