What Is A Sell On Clause?

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In the intricate world of professional sports transfers, negotiations often involve a myriad of clauses and conditions to ensure fairness and profitability for all parties involved. One such clause that frequently surfaces in player transfers, especially in the realm of football (soccer), is the “sell-on clause.” This contractual provision holds significance in shaping the financial landscape of player movements and subsequent deals.

What Is A Sell On Clause?

A sell-on clause, also known as a “transfer percentage clause,” is a contractual agreement between clubs involved in a player’s transfer. When a player is transferred from one club to another, the selling club might negotiate a sell-on clause that entitles them to a percentage of any future transfer fee should the player be sold again in the future.

How Sell-On Clauses Work?

Let’s say Club A sells a player to Club B for a specific transfer fee. As part of the negotiations, Club A might include a sell-on clause stipulating that they receive, for instance, 20% of any profit Club B makes if they sell the player to another club in the future. This means that if Club B sells the player at a higher price than what they initially paid, Club A is entitled to receive a percentage of the additional profit made from the subsequent transfer.

Significance In Football Transfers

In the world of football, where player transfers involve substantial sums of money, sell-on clauses have become integral in balancing financial risks and rewards for clubs. These clauses can be beneficial for selling clubs, especially smaller or less financially robust teams, as they offer the potential of continued revenue if a player they developed or previously owned becomes highly sought after in the future.

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Implications And Negotiations

Sell-on clauses are subject to negotiations and can vary significantly depending on various factors. The percentage agreed upon in the sell-on clause, the duration it remains valid, and any specific conditions attached to it are all crucial aspects that clubs meticulously negotiate to safeguard their interests.

For players, agents, and clubs involved in transfers, the inclusion or exclusion of a sell-on clause can significantly impact the financial outcomes of subsequent transfers. It requires a careful balancing act between maximizing immediate gains and potential future earnings.


In the ever-evolving landscape of professional sports transfers, the sell-on clause stands as a strategic component that shapes the financial aspects of player movements. It’s a testament to the complexities of negotiations, risk mitigation, and the long-term vision clubs and stakeholders adopt in navigating the dynamic world of player transfers.

As clubs seek to strike favorable deals and players aim for successful career trajectories, the sell-on clause remains a key element in the intricate dance of negotiations, reflecting the interplay between financial prudence, foresight, and ambition in the realm of sports transfers.


What Does Sell On Clause Mean?

The purpose of a sell on clause is simple. They are designed to allow the old club to share the benefit of a subsequent transfer of a player by receiving an additional payment in the event the player is transferred from the new club to another club.

What Is Sell On Clause In Fifa 22?

What is a “Sell-On Clause? The amount of money to be given is decided by the percentage figure included in the player’s contract with his new club. The percentage is based on the estimation of the player’s current potential and long-term one.

What Is A Sell On Fee In Fifa?

Sell-on Fee means any payment or fee or other valuable consideration agreed and/or payable as part of the transfer of the registration of a player that entitles a Transferring Club to a financial interest in a future Transfer Fee related to the player.

What Is The Sell On Clause In Fifa 20?

Sell-on clause: A good way to lower the initial fee when buying a player is by including a sell-on clause, which you’ll pay to the original club if you sell the player at a later date. Be careful though – if you buy a promising player and his value later skyrockets, the sell-on fee could end up being quite expensive.

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