What Is Airmode?

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If you’re a drone enthusiast, you may have heard the term “airmode” before. It’s a feature that can be found on some flight controllers and is used to improve the performance of a drone. In this blog, we’ll dive into what airmode is, how it works, and why it’s important for drone pilots.

What Is Airmode?

Airmode is a flight mode that’s available on some drone flight controllers. It’s designed to help maintain control and stability during aggressive flying maneuvers, such as flips, rolls, and inverted flight. With airmode engaged, the drone’s motors continue to spin at a constant rate even when the throttle is reduced to zero. This allows the drone to maintain stability and control even when it’s not being actively powered.

How Does It Work?

Airmode works by keeping the drone’s motors spinning at a constant speed even when the throttle is reduced. This means that the drone remains stable and controllable, even when it’s not being actively powered. This is particularly important during aggressive flying maneuvers, where the drone may need to make rapid adjustments in order to maintain its orientation and avoid crashing.

Why Is It Important?

Airmode is an important feature for drone pilots who want to push the limits of their aircraft’s capabilities. It allows pilots to perform advanced maneuvers with greater precision and control, while minimizing the risk of crashes and other accidents. Without airmode, a drone would be much less stable and much more difficult to control during aggressive maneuvers.

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In conclusion, airmode is a flight mode that’s designed to help maintain control and stability during aggressive drone flying maneuvers. It works by keeping the drone’s motors spinning at a constant rate, even when the throttle is reduced to zero. If you’re a drone pilot who wants to push the limits of your aircraft’s capabilities, airmode is an essential feature that can help you achieve your goals.

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What Is Airmode Mode Betaflight?

Airmode is not really a flight mode, but a feature. It basically allows better control at zero throttle. This is particularly useful for freestyle and acrobatic flying. Beware that Airmode can make your motors spool up unexpectedly on the ground/bench so be extremely careful when handling your quad when it’s armed.

Should I Use Air Mode?

Airmode should always be used, even in racing. I can’t think of a situation when not to use it. This way airmode will only kick in after you’ve given a throttle input above 1600. I keep it on a switch, and turn it off for takeoff and landing.

Is Air Mode The Same As Acro?

Air mode is similar to Acro but the quad will hold its attitude. Joshua Bardwell uses this mode instead of Acro. You can enable it with Betaflight.

What Should Airplane Mode Be On?

You should switch to airplane mode when:

  • When Traveling to Other Countries. Roaming charges can be astronomical when you travel internationally. 
  • When You Want to Save Your Phone Battery. Turning on airplane mode is a great way to prolong your phone’s battery life.
  • When Kids are Using your Smartphone.


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