What Is Print Bleed In Canva?

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In the realm of graphic design, precision and attention to detail are paramount, especially when preparing designs for print. Within Canva, a versatile and user-friendly design platform, the concept of “print bleed” holds significance, ensuring that your creations translate seamlessly from the digital canvas to the physical realm without any unwanted white margins.

What Is Print Bleed In Canva?

Print bleed refers to the intentional extension of design elements beyond the final trim area of a printed document. It accounts for the slight variations in the printing process, ensuring that designs extend all the way to the edges without leaving any unprinted gaps or white borders once trimmed.

Importance In Canva

Canva offers users the capability to set up and incorporate print bleed directly within the design canvas. This functionality allows designers to extend their background or elements beyond the intended final size, accommodating the trimming process during printing.

Implementing Print Bleed In Canva

  • Setting Canvas Size: Start by selecting the appropriate canvas size in Canva. If designing for print, ensure that the canvas size includes extra space for print bleed.
  • Extend Background or Elements: Extend the background or design elements beyond the canvas edges. Canva’s design interface allows for easy adjustment and expansion of elements to accommodate print bleed.
  • Trim Marks: Consider adding trim marks or guidelines to indicate the actual size of the final document, helping you visualize where the design should extend for bleed purposes.

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Benefits Of Print Bleed

  • Professional Finish: Designs with print bleed ensure a polished, professional look without any unsightly white edges after trimming.
  • Accurate Printing: By accounting for slight variations in the printing and trimming process, print bleed guarantees that your designs maintain their intended appearance.
  • Design Continuity: Seamless edge-to-edge printing preserves the integrity and continuity of your design, allowing it to stand out without distractions.


In the realm of graphic design within Canva, mastering print bleed stands as a pivotal skill. By extending designs beyond the canvas edges and accounting for trim variations, designers ensure that their creations transition flawlessly from digital concepts to beautifully printed materials, maintaining a professional and polished finish.

As designers harness the capabilities of Canva’s print bleed functionality, they empower their designs to make a bold and uninterrupted statement, transcending the boundaries of the digital canvas and creating visually stunning printed materials.


What Is Canva Print Bleed Size?

Canva actually has a setting to help you achieve the same bleed the AMP team needs for your prints (1/8” on each side). To see the bleed area of your file, select FILE in the top left corner and then check SHOW PRINT BLEED. This will extend the edge of your image the extra 1/8” on each side.

What Does Bleed Marks Mean In Printing?

WHAT IS BLEED? Bleed is the image or artwork extending beyond where the document will be trimmed. It’s probably best explained visually. The thin lines are trim marks and tell us where to cut your document and the image extended past these lines is called bleed.

Should I Use Bleed For Printing?

You only need to add print bleed to your artwork if the design extends to the edge of the page. If all of your text and images are in the centre of the design and are surrounded by a plain white background, you won’t need to worry about print bleed as the edges will blend seamlessly into your overall design.

What Is The Difference Between Margin And Bleed?

Bleeds and margins are the extra space around the edges of your design that allow for variations in the printing and trimming process. Bleeds extend beyond the final size of your document, while margins are the inner space between the edge of your document and the content.

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